Source code for hvac.utils

Misc utility functions and constants

import functools
import inspect
import warnings
from textwrap import dedent

from hvac import exceptions

[docs]def raise_for_error(status_code, message=None, errors=None): """Helper method to raise exceptions based on the status code of a response received back from Vault. :param status_code: Status code received in a response from Vault. :type status_code: int :param message: Optional message to include in a resulting exception. :type message: str :param errors: Optional errors to include in a resulting exception. :type errors: list | str :raises: hvac.exceptions.InvalidRequest | hvac.exceptions.Unauthorized | hvac.exceptions.Forbidden | hvac.exceptions.InvalidPath | hvac.exceptions.RateLimitExceeded | hvac.exceptions.InternalServerError | hvac.exceptions.VaultNotInitialized | hvac.exceptions.VaultDown | hvac.exceptions.UnexpectedError """ if status_code == 400: raise exceptions.InvalidRequest(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 401: raise exceptions.Unauthorized(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 403: raise exceptions.Forbidden(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 404: raise exceptions.InvalidPath(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 429: raise exceptions.RateLimitExceeded(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 500: raise exceptions.InternalServerError(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 501: raise exceptions.VaultNotInitialized(message, errors=errors) elif status_code == 503: raise exceptions.VaultDown(message, errors=errors) else: raise exceptions.UnexpectedError(message)
[docs]def deprecated_method(to_be_removed_in_version, new_method=None): """This is a decorator which can be used to mark methods as deprecated. It will result in a warning being emitted when the function is used. :param to_be_removed_in_version: Version of this module the decorated method will be removed in. :type to_be_removed_in_version: str :param new_method: Method intended to replace the decorated method. This method's docstrings are included in the decorated method's docstring. :type new_method: function :return: Wrapped function that includes a deprecation warning and update docstrings from the replacement method. :rtype: types.FunctionType """ def decorator(method): message = "Call to deprecated function '{old_func}'. This method will be removed in version '{version}'".format( old_func=method.__name__, version=to_be_removed_in_version, ) if new_method: message += " Please use the '{method_name}' method on the '{module_name}' class moving forward.".format( method_name=new_method.__name__, module_name=inspect.getmodule(new_method).__name__ ) @functools.wraps(method) def new_func(*args, **kwargs): warnings.simplefilter('always', DeprecationWarning) # turn off filter warnings.warn( message=message, category=DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) warnings.simplefilter('default', DeprecationWarning) # reset filter return method(*args, **kwargs) if new_method: new_func.__doc__ = dedent( """\ {message} Docstring content from this method's replacement copied below: {new_docstring} """.format( message=message, new_docstring=new_method.__doc__, ) ) else: new_func.__doc__ = message return new_func return decorator