Source code for hvac.api.system_backend.wrapping

from hvac.api.system_backend.system_backend_mixin import SystemBackendMixin

[docs]class Wrapping(SystemBackendMixin):
[docs] def unwrap(self, token=None): """Return the original response inside the given wrapping token. Unlike simply reading cubbyhole/response (which is deprecated), this endpoint provides additional validation checks on the token, returns the original value on the wire rather than a JSON string representation of it, and ensures that the response is properly audit-logged. Supported methods: POST: /sys/wrapping/unwrap. Produces: 200 application/json :param token: Specifies the wrapping token ID. This is required if the client token is not the wrapping token. Do not use the wrapping token in both locations. :type token: str | unicode :return: The JSON response of the request. :rtype: dict """ params = {} if token is not None: params["token"] = token api_path = "/v1/sys/wrapping/unwrap" return url=api_path, json=params, )