class hvac.aws_utils.SigV4Auth(access_key, secret_key, session_token=None, region='us-east-1')[source]ยถ

Bases: object

__init__(access_key, secret_key, session_token=None, region='us-east-1')[source]ยถ

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


Helper function to prepare a AWS API request to subsequently generate a โ€œAWS Signature Version 4โ€ header.

Parameters:header_value (str) โ€“ Vault allows you to require an additional header, X-Vault-AWS-IAM-Server-ID, to be present to mitigate against different types of replay attacks. Depending on the configuration of the AWS auth backend, providing a argument to this optional parameter may be required.
Returns:A PreparedRequest instance, optionally containing the provided header value under a โ€˜X-Vault-AWS-IAM-Server-IDโ€™ header name pointed to AWSโ€™s simple token service with action โ€œGetCallerIdentityโ€
Return type:requests.PreparedRequest